Client: TEN Media

Eggnology laser marking
Laser Marking

Product / service: TEN Media developed and improved on-shell laser marking technology and equipment.

Functions: Consultant, Business Development Director

Issue: TEN Media’s revenue model was based on traceability. Contrary to the EU, US legislation does not force egg graders to mark individual eggs with a traceable production code and a freshness date. TEN was keen to export its technology beyond the United States and to optimize its product and service offering for the American market.


Consultant- Public Affairs: coordinated scientific studies that confirmed the microbiological safety of the laser marking process. Successfully lobbied with European Commission (DG Sanco and DG Agri) to have laser marking included in EU Regulation 589/2008. Provided report on microbiological study to client as confirmation of self-control compliance.
- Market development: analysed clients' business model, researched EU market opportunities, turned around clients' revenue generation model to suit EU regulatory and market environment.
Business Development Director
- US: TEN Media had granted exclusive license to wholesaler for a TEN-owned and developed brand: advised wholesaler on market expansion, provided hands-on product launch support in Illinois.
In order for TEN to regain control over its sales, developed and proposed private label strategy, based on East Coast market survey and on selected retailers’ strategic objectives. Proposed to add advertising to product offering in order to increase competivity.
- EU: converted US revenue model, based on consumers paying for traceability, to novel eggvertising revenue model that benefits all parties (consumer, retailer, advertiser, egg packer).
Initiated negotiations towards win-win solution with selected partners in Italy, Spain and Poland.

Status: TEN Media decided to ignore Eggnology’s advice and continued focusing on traceability as its business model. The company went into voluntary liquidation in 2016.