Client: Leda Technologies

Eggnology Egg Pasteurisation
Egg Pasteurization

Product / service: Leda Technologies developed a foodservice appliance that raw pasteurized shell eggs and that pasteurized and boiled eggs to perfection. Aimed at restaurants, hotels, retirement homes and hospitals, it eliminated the risk of Salmonella food infections that could cause serious illness with people with reduced immunity, such as children, patients and the elderly. The appliance was capable of processing 60 eggs at a time.

Function: Communications & Key Account Manager



Creating market awarenessLeda Technologies was the first company to bring an egg pasteurization unit for foodservice to market. Hence, creating awareness on B2B and B2C level was crucial.
Achieved high-quality coverage in general and specialist publications, tv and radio stations in line with phased market introduction.
Successfully participated and won several awards in competitions at exhibitions, food safety initiatives.
Networking: introduced client's USPs with professional organisations, at client symposia and conferences and other foodservice and health sector initiatives.
Key accountsIdentified best access point to key accounts (hotel chains, health care groups, etc) and secured inclusion in mandatory/ and - or recommended equipment list.
Negotiated contract terms.
Regulatory issuesCo-coordinated scientific study to demonstrate the technology's performance. Networking with EU institutions (Commission, Parliament, Council) resulted in pasteurization technology approval. Upon successful upscaling to packing centre level, Commission intended recommending client's technology to have eggs that did not meet the EU requirements for Class A eggs (Regulation (EC) 1237/2007) approved for human consumption.
Networking with national authorities.

Status: Eggnology advised client that a larger unit was essential if it wanted to expand to larger hotel groups. Leda Technologies did not have the means to invest in a new product. It was acquired by an American company shortly thereafter and is currently owned by a German company.